Paterson Mult-Reel 3 Developing Tank

Paterson Mult-Reel 3 Developing Tank

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This is our choice for developing either (3) reels of 35mm film; (2) reels of 120 film; or (6) sheets of 4x5 film using the MOD54 insert. (Reels and MOD54 not included.)

The Paterson Multi-Reel 3 Developing Tank is made of high-impact polystyrene, making it durable and easy to use, clean and store.

The Paterson tanks are durable, easy to use, and provide consistent, even film development. They feature a unique snap-in light trapping funnel for quick filling and emptying, to ensure even development and precise processing times. Your choice of agitation method prevails; use inversion agitation, rotary agitation with the included removable agitator rod, or a combination of both.

We particularly like this tank with our FF No.1 MONOBATH DEVELOPER for all formats.